Kids & Chiropractic

Prevention |priˈven ch ən|noun: the action of stopping something from happening or arising

We live in a world where we are truly in a reactive mindset. From finances to health, we often are playing "catch-up". Prevention is seen as "early detection". Acquiring disease or having a decline in health with age is seen as the norm, and there is a focus on treatment for when the "inevitable occurs" versus the thought that earlier choices may create an entirely different health potential. 

Lately I have had a few people express surprise that children would see a Chiropractor. I can completely understand why this would seem foreign, if one were to feel that the role of a Chiropractor was to address pain and degeneration. This reactive care (in which we wait until something is not working or feeling well before we seek care) is not uncommon, and often necessary. There is another branch to Chiropractic care though, that addresses the body in a more proactive way. Imagine if your body was able to thrive, repair and function at the level it did when you were a child? There is some inherent wear-and-tear that definitely happens with age, but a lot of the decline and degeneration we experience with age is preventable. One perfect example is damage caused by smoking, a well-known health-hindering habit. Place two individuals of the same age and an individual who has smoked their entire life will look years older. This also holds true for prolonged stress, and other unhealthy habits.

So why Chiropractic care for kids? Because they have a spine and nervous system. Because they deserve to be healthy. Because it teaches proactive health from the beginning. Because their nervous system is guiding all growth, development and function and Chiropractic care ensures this happens without interference. Because it is truly the only way one can be proactive and not only live a life where unnecessary illness and decline can be prevented, but that health is optimized as well. Because it is safe! 

* Use of photo given with permission from fellow Chiropractor Dr. Jana Miceli of Miceli Family Chiropractic