New Year, New Beginnings


Alright so it's not exactly a "new year" anymore, but I felt it was worthwhile to dedicate my first blog post of 2017 to my new space and the team I get to work alongside every day.

Many of you know, I moved my practice mid December to the SE community of Ramsay. With a gorgeous view of downtown, this space exudes warmth and a feeling of being home the minute you walk in the door. Working alongside Dr. Arnel Beaubrun, Dr. Andrea Beaubrun & Dr. Tricia Breckon of Integra Naturopathics, Kelsey Marshall of Fluid Movements and Kathy Teal of Classical Osteopathy of Alberta we share a common vision of helping people live healthier lives naturally.

Having known Drs. Andrea and Arnel for years, it was rather serendipitous how the collaboration came about. What was interesting though, was that after making the final decision to take the leap to my dream neighborhood, I realized the office had been my dream for sometime too. Truly. As I started packing up my office materials and organizing some of my books and supplies, I came across a number of different files and notes I have hung on to over the years in which I had collected ideas and inspiration of a dream clinic I hoped to one day have. As I looked through the small and larger scale characteristics I aspired to acquire, it didn't take me long to see that they all existed in this "new" space, right down to the health-centered cafe, Bruhe, on the corner!

I am excited to share this environment with our practice members past, present and future. I think I speak for all of us at 1026 Bellevue in saying that we will continue to strive to deliver a world-class experience with professionalism, integrity and compassion, while facilitating a life of health and vitality. This is our community. This is our city. Shine bright!