Pain can be a tricky entity. It can be loud, real and impact our lives in unthinkable ways. One of the most difficult things about pain, is that it can be really misleading. We feel pain at point A, so our brain deducts that the problem exists at point A. Sometimes this can be accurate, but more often than not, this isn't the case. I often explain pain as a signal our brain is giving, not unlike a fire alarm going off in a building. It is telling you to pay attention, that there is potential danger, but it isn't telling you what room in the building the fire is, or as it pertains to the body, where the actual issue is originating. This week I came across this article from Yoga International, that puts pain into a context most may not have considered. It brings up the reality that our perception of pain can also be sensitized so that we may at times feel pain, when a real danger may not be present. I see this with patients, particularly when it comes to returning to physical activity or a sport that they may have been in that contributed to the original injury. Sometimes our hesitation to move in certain ways may be an appropriate protective mechanism, but sometimes moving is exactly what we need, so psychologically our body can see that it can safely do so.
My passion for health and the value of Chiropractic care is more than getting someone out of pain. It is to allow their body to function better. To educate people on movement and how they can be more in-tune to their own bodies. All of this, so that people can move better, live better and live well. Understanding how our body works is an essential piece of the puzzle!