Silver Linings for Colder Days

Photo by NitroCephal/iStock / Getty Images

It seems like overnight the seasons change. The mornings are crisper, the air is dryer and the days are shorter. As the seasons shift, so do our activities. Perhaps we continue some of the same but move indoors, or just start layering up. Or, for those snow bunnies out there, once the white stuff falls we have an entirely new wonderland we can play in.  Preparing our body for these seasonal changes can be important to avoid injury, and to keep our immune system strong. If you're like me, it also can be challenging to stay as motivated with our activities when our animal instincts may be to cozy up on the couch to eat and hibernate!

As with any goal, planning ahead and setting some intentions can go a long way. Having measureable goals and timelines, enlisting a team of supporters and accountability-keepers to pull you out of a rut are all helpful in keeping on track, particularly on those days that are especially cold and gloomy.  Know that every single day we make a healthy choice, contributes to a healthier foundation. It is much easier to build on a strong foundation than to continue playing "catch-up", especially when it pertains to health.