Letting Go

Whoa, where does time go? My weekly blog post seemed to have taken a vacation. I'm back though! And tons to share over the coming weeks. 

I've observed something recently (the lesson seems to have been creeping up in many different disguises)...that the more we seek for an "answer" to a question, the more it can elude us. This confused me, how the moment I took a step back and completely took my mind off an issue, answers would flood to me. One theory I have around this, is that when we are seeing answers, we can be blinded by our current level of awareness and may not see other possibilities. The "letting go" of the "how" seems to open the flood gates to greater things one could imagine. 

Trusting the process and that everything is as it should be, while taking daily action steps, is something we can apply not only to life's challenging decisions, but to our health as well. Each person on earth started with the union of two cells. No conscious control is needed for a baby to develop from those two cells. There was, and always is, a guiding intelligence with nature that is responsible for life as we know it. It is the intelligence that leans plants towards the sun, and that delivers platelets (sticky blood cells) to an injury to seal a cut. This intelligence is always there as long as there is life, and may in fact be the distinctive factor that allows for life. When we are faced with an injury or a health concern, it is easy for it to become the number one thought and focus. And although it is not wise to ignore it, perhaps there is some "letting go" that may speed the process. Just maybe, trusting that inborn wisdom of our body will aid in the healing. Supporting our body as it is designed to be, rather than interfering with nature's wisdom. I offer you a challenge to see where you can let go a little more and instead, put your energy and focus on what you can do to support your body, mind and spirit. You will be amazed at what is possible!