Nature is Life

There is something to be said for getting off "the grid", and becoming reacquainted with nature. Recently, I had the privilege of traveling to Costa Rica for a much-needed, much-overdue vacation. Although I was only down there for a week, I had many incredible reminders of how majestic, powerful and amazing nature is...when there is no interference. The first day brought us an earthquake (which actually came from an earthquake that occurred in Nicaragua), the 5th day brought a lunar eclipse (which we actually didn't see directly) and a full moon, the effects of which were evident in the tumultuous ocean and less-predictable waves. We also witnessed the early migration of land crabs down to the beach from their mountain burrows, to lay their event that occurs at the beginning of rainy season. So many amazing events, all part of the natural cycle of nature. 

So what does this have to do with anything related to health? Everything. Witnessing first-hand, the incredible power of nature and natural, predictable cycles that occur, was an amazing reminder of what we as human beings are a part of, but often forget. We see the beauty in nature and trust that life takes care of itself, yet forget about the inborn wisdom that exists within us. We interfere by artificially controlling cycles and rhythms of the body, making outcomes and reactions less predictable. It extends beyond the human frame though too. The more we exert artificial control over nature, the more we disrupt the cycle and existence of all animals. Sounds deep, but it's  important. We are not separate from nature. Until we remember and respect that, the further from health we will be.

 As someone who works with the power of the body on a daily basis, I can tell you that the awe we find in nature, is within us every day! How cool is it that sperm cells swim aimlessly on their own, yet when in the presence of an egg they swim in unison towards it. How cool is it that your body can sense when your skeleton is under more stress and responds by laying more bone to assist in support. How cool is it that even the thought of food produces saliva containing enzymes that will aid in digestion? We have way more inborn intelligence than we have been led to believe. Ask yourself if your choices and actions are supporting nature or interfering with it. The power that made the body, heals the body.