Waiting for Perfection


It’s not hard to see that my blog writing has taken a back burner. I’m one who is full of ideas but when it comes to sitting down and articulating them in a coherent way I blank. To be honest I probably have about fifteen blog posts started, all of which go unposted because they aren’t “perfect”. They don’t flow or I wonder if its a topic that people will actually be interested in. Each week I push “write blog” into the next day, telling myself that “today is the day”. Well, today actually IS the day and I am committing to an improved blog contribution, to post things that I find interesting, hoping to resonate with those choosing to read it. I am going to post them even if they aren’t perfectly worded or are shorter than I’d like.

I’ve been reflecting on things I follow-through on, what unfinished business causes me stress, and where I’m being incongruent. I encourage my practice members all the time that it doesn’t have to look perfect to produce progress. Something is most often better than nothing. Of course in those circumstances I’m usually referring to healthy eating, stretching/ strengthening or overall physical activity, but doesn’t this apply to anything we are working to achieve? If I had written a page a day for the past year I would have 365 days of content. Small incremental (sustainable) steps are just as powerful (sometimes more) than a giant leap of commitment.

What things have you been “putting off” or procrastinating on? Is it no longer a goal? If so maybe let yourself off the hook and rewrite your next step. Is it because you are waiting for circumstances to be perfect or for it to be easy? If so, give yourself a firm deadline and a small incremental step to take. Once you start you will find that the hardest step to take is the first one.