"So giving without hesitation!"

"I have not met a practitioner that is so giving without hesitation in the whole 20 years that I have been here in Alberta! Thank you again, you are a blessing! Not to mention having more knowledge not just in chiropractic but everything around and involved in the overall health of a person and treating them more than just a number! Very glad we walked into your office that first day!


"There is no denying the relaxation he gets after an adjustment." 

"Our son has a neurological disorder that results in high muscle tone, seizures, and reflux. We have been to many specialists who view him through a deficit model, picking him apart problem by problem. It has been wonderful to go to a Chiropractor, where Dr. Quinn sees the body as a whole and recognizes my son’s potential. 

Our son is 6 months old and it's often hard for us to understand what is causing him discomfort. There is no denying the relaxation he gets after an adjustment. Karen is gentle and caring for him. Since regularly seeing a Chiropractor, our son doesn't arch his back or throw up as often and he sleeps better. After a seizure he can get so tight, we are thankful to have Dr. Karen to help him regain comfort."


"Throughout my interactions with the chiropractic community, there is no one I hold in higher regard than Karen Quinn. 

Our personal philosophy, or lens in which we see the world through is often what guides our decisions. Karen stands out to me as an individual who has spent a lot of time crafting her lens. She is crystal clear on who it is she can help and the ways in which she can do so. I find this a refreshing breath to the alternative medicine world. 

Karen's commitment to the vision of a wellness-based practice inspires me. Too often, I see the elimination of pain as the benchmark of success. Karen's practice takes this much further - she wants you to be doing that which you love, well into your nineties. Comfortably. And without medications. This is what I feel will be the future of alternative medicine."

Dr. Mark Volmer , Acupuncturist - DTCM, R.Ac, D.Ac

“Gentle, respectful and holistic.”

"For many years I had been skeptical about chiropractic care. My lack of knowledge made me fear the idea of anyone “messing around” with my spine. During my second pregnancy, I began suffering from regular, mild to moderate headaches. This continued long after having my baby and I found myself taking pain medications more and more often. I began with seeing a massage therapist who, after making little progress with the tightness in my neck, referred me to Dr. Karen Quinn. Being the skeptic I was, I agreed to talk to her, with no intention to continue care with her. Dr. Quinn immediately made me feel comfortable and validated my fears. She educated me and assured me that if we began care, she would explain everything she did and only proceed with my consent. It has now been almost one year since that day and I have seen Dr. Quinn on a regular basis. I no longer have as much tightness in my neck and almost never get a headache. I thank Dr. Quinn, not only for her help in reducing my physical discomfort, but in her gentle, respectful and holistic approach to her practice."


“I am thankful.”

"I feel that Dr. Quinn is the main reason why my health is so good, why I have so few migraines and why I successfully carried my daughter to term. 

I remember when I started care, I had about 15-20 migraines a month. My goal was to get back to work and have a baby. 

Now I get 1 migraine a month (if that), have a job I love, and a baby who is the world to me - thanks to you. Not only have you changed the course of my life and my health for the better, but I felt you truly cared about me and my struggle with chronic pain.

I am thankful for the day we met, you were fated to change my life. I hope you know I can never repay you for what you did, you have been the biggest instigator of change in my life. My lack of pain has touched every single aspect of my world.

Thank you for taking me on as a patient and for being such a great doctor."



" I must specifically thank Dr. Karen for making it possible for me to give birth to our twin girls naturally instead of by caesarian. She used her expertise to allow Baby A to turn head down instead of breech. I will forever be indebted to you!"

A. G.

"I've grow up going to Chiropractors my entire life and Karen is the first one who I felt completely comfortable treating my brand new baby along with my other 3 kids. Her technique is gentle yet highly effective with immediate results. She always makes us feel at ease and my kids love going to see her every month! Thanks Karen!"




“My life has been changed for the better”

I met Dr. Karen Quinn at a Lunch & Learn workshop. I always had a problem with balance and other problems with my shoulder and hip. When I went to the Lunch & Learn I discovered to my horror and surprise that I was thirty pounds heavier on one side. no wonder I had no balance and aches and pains.

I had gone to the doctor and was prescribed anti-inflammatories and although they would help, the pain would always return.

Since starting care with Dr. Quinn,  I only had one episode with my shoulder and after less than a week it was better. I was surprised!

Since starting chiropractic care I have noticed my balance has improved. I actually participated in a yoga class and managed not to fall. My balance has always been an issue and I was afraid that it would worsen as I aged and feared I may fall and break a hip. I was terrified of falling down. Now I seem to be getting better.

I will certainly be mentioning my improvements to my friends."



Thank you very much for introducing me to the benefits of chiropractic care. My life has been changed for the better and I owe it all to you. I used to wake up with a lot of back and neck pain, low energy levels, I just didnt feel like my mind was connected to my body. My hands no longer fall asleep, I sleep fine through the night, wake feeling rejuvenated. I think the care I’ve had will make leaps and bounds of difference for my future. I feel it will allow me to continue doing the things I love to do. I think absolutely everyone could benefit from Chiropractic care. I think its no different than seeing a dentist in that we need to take charge of our own health. As someone who was on a prescription drug and off of it (I feel) because of Chiropractic care, I think anyone could benefit greatly from it.
— B.C.

I remember falling out of a tree when I was young and we never thought too much about it but all through my youth my back bothered me when I played sports. At work one time I lifted a sledge hammer and I was laid up for awhile and then again in 1961, I was laid up for 6 weeks. I was told I had deteriorating discs and arthritis. People at work used to tell me I walked sideways.

Over the years I had tried physiotherapy and I have seen many experts. One time they said they wanted to operate but I wouldn’t let them.

I met Dr. Karen Quinn at a Senior’s Expo and after the first session I was hooked! I went home that night and had a good sleep (before that my legs used to ache so much I didn’t sleep well).

I have had great results with chiropractic. I had suffered from stiffness since I was 12 years old, and it is now gone. Bending over and straightening up is no longer a problem and I now can put my socks on (before it was a real struggle). I did some carpentry work for the first time in years last month too– I was too afraid to bend over before. I even pick up my grandchildren – it doesn’t seem to be a problem now. I would gladly refer my friends and family.
— H.W.

I’m a personal trainer who is also into powerlifting. As I continue to train and improve, I also require treatment to help prevent injuries and to know that I will be able to train for many years. Since working with Dr. Quinn, I have noticed major improvements with my training, as well as increased focus, energy and daily comfort. When we started treatment, my upper back was giving me a lot of problems and I felt sharp, shooting pains on a regular basis. Thanks to Dr. Quinn’s care, understanding and knowledge, I have been free of injury for quite some time.

My favourite part about our sessions is that she adjusts something different every time, because she knows what areas need adjusting and which ones are working well.

Her treatments are gentle, but very effective. If you are looking for a new Chiropractor or have had an experience before that you like to change, come see Dr. Quinn and she will ensure the health of your body is her number 1 priority!

Thank you Dr. Quinn for always taking great care of me!”
— M.S.

“ I didn’t realize how helpful Chiropractic care was until Karen took the time to help me understand. She has the compassion to hear my concerns fully and a wealth of knowledge to keep the bigger picture of my longterm health in mind. Her whole body approach has supported me to a healthier lifestyle, not just getting out of pain. She’s so approachable, genuine and present. I’m very grateful I found her!” - A.F.

“Dr. Quinn is extremely knowledgeable and caring. I love that she takes a holistic approach!”

- A.N.


“Dr. Karen has been a part of my life for many years. She treated me through both pregnancies and she has treated both my children since they were 1 week old. Both my kids love visiting Dr. Karen. She’s incredibly warm and inviting. She makes us all feel so comfortable when we visit her. Karen is never rushed, she always takes the time to ask us meaningful questions, and she truly listens to us. Karen has a gentle and respectful approach to her treatment. She has helped me understand the bigger picture with respect to personal health and she strongly advocates the importance of optimizing our potential. I have learned so much from Karen - the way she eloquently breaks down every system in your body and its function and describes it all in terms I understand. I trust Karen wholeheartedly. I have recommended her to many friends and strongly encourage anyone to book a consultation. As soon as you meet her, you will want to learn more from her. “ A.F.